ideYAPI / ideCAD

Company Information

ideCAD was founded in 1988,its aim is to provide perfect CAD programs in engineering. The company has products such as, ideCAD Architectural, ideCAD Reinforced Concrete, ideCAD Structural, ideCAD Render, ideCAD ODT, and ideCAD Wrep.

ideCAD was founded in 1988, from that time till now it is working towards in Civil Engineering, Steel Industry, and Architectural areas about structural programing. In addition to the Istanbul office, there are also Bursa and Hannover offices. It is used widely in Europe, mostly the countries which has German languages are preffering the programs. Company products are used in Poland, Bulgaria, Chezch Republic and Slovakia. Products has so many languages such as, Turkish,English,German,Italian, and Polish. ideYAPI has more than 15000 licensed users.